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You’ve already reached a good level of data maturity and now you’re seeking to run your solutions seamlessly. Or maybe you just need to tap into specialist skill sets for your latest project. Once you’ve used our discover and build services, utilise our data run services to reach your goals.

Our data run services are designed to manage and maintain optimal performance of data operations in production. From helping you mobilise your data projects with specialist skill sets to managing day-to-day operations, our services equip you with the right skills and tools to drive business performance.

If you’re looking for more support with your projects or extending your data services to customers, you can also leverage our managed services and platform-as-a-service expertise to bring the latest innovations to market.

what we do

Project incubation

We quickly launch projects and help you transition and grow your own team, providing expertise as you need it.

Resource Augmentation

Provide additional resource to augment your in-house teams or complement specialist skills on a project build.

Managed services

Maintain, manage and optimise data services.


Enable services with enhanced insights and configurations. Scalable to meet customer growth and white labelled to act as a trusted partner.

get started

Our aim is to help you manage and grow data operations, elevate decision making and provide you with continuous delivery expertise. We maintain optimal performance of your data models, projects and business insights and partner with you to manage revenue generating data products and services through our cloud based platform as a service offering.

To get started using our data services, connect with the team to build a services that suits you:

Our projects

Application of Machine Learning Driven AI to a Cutting Edge Manufacturing Company​

Visualisation of Publicly Available Insurance Solvency II Data for B2B Marketing

Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning Driven Prediction of Consumer Behaviour for a multinational manufacturer, retailer and marketer

Discover or Build?

If you’re still working on what you want to achieve, try our discover services.

Or perhaps you know exactly what services you need, in which case, check out our build portfolio.