Discover your data


We all have to start somewhere and often need help along the way. Whether you are just getting started with using your data or even pioneering a new application, our discovery services provide you with the technical expertise and domain knowledge that help you succeed.

Our Data DnA is a Discovery & Advisory Service designed to help you define and explore the characteristics of your data and understand your data requirements.

The aim is to understand your readiness to undertake a data and analytics project, and the data maturity of your organisation. With an understanding of your baseline and available solutions, you are then prepared to discuss data options and identify projects that deliver real business value and drive better data decisions.

what we do


Identify the business focus, level of data maturity, and provide an outline proposal for workshop and analysis.


Discovery workshop to review business model, existing data and deliverables.

In-depth investigation & analysis

Assess current data and technology stack to identify potential opportunities and approach.

Report & presentation

In-depth written report; problem formulation, process and data mapping, scoping of initial project options, time, cost and risk estimates.

get started

It’s easy to get going with our Data DnA services, simply connect with the team for a short introductory session to outline what you are trying to achieve or even ask what’s possible. It helps us understand more about you, what expertise you need and the best approach for delivery. We can then prepare and conduct a more detailed session and data analysis, and guide you through to building your data projects.

Our projects

Application of Machine Learning Driven AI to a Cutting Edge Manufacturing Company​

Visualisation of Publicly Available Insurance Solvency II Data for B2B Marketing

Statistical Modelling and Machine Learning Driven Prediction of Consumer Behaviour for a multinational manufacturer, retailer and marketer

Build or run?

If you’re not ready to talk with the team, try our maturity assessment.

Or perhaps you know exactly what services you need, in which case, check out our build portfolio.