Application of Machine Learning Driven AI to a Cutting Edge Manufacturing Company


A UK manufacturer needed to optimise their composite material production to reduce operational downtime and development cost.

In addition, the client works with experimental masses of material, often operating beyond the current understanding of how these composite materials behave.

This meant the client needed to regularly change, test and review the production setup, often slowing production, increasing costs and risking delivery.


The Data Analysis Bureau designed a solution incorporating machine learning driven AI into the machine calibration. This would enable the manufacturing machines to dynamically adjust and optimise their function while still in operation, saving development time and cost.

A holistic approach incorporating cloud distributed and localised computing services, edge deployment, IoT, and cutting edge deep learning techniques was proposed. This allows for the machines to be calibrated as part of the learning process (i.e. training algorithms on data of inputs and outputs during operation), and in turn will allow the machines to dynamically adapt and optimise their function while still in operation.


The solution will save the company large amounts of development cost, as well as lost revenue from machine downtime through dynamic optimisation, control and maintenance.