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About us


The Data Analysis Bureau is an end-to-end data science and advanced analytics service provider that believes “smarter data means better decisions”.

Undertaking projects across many sectors from high performance sport to healthcare or materials R&D. We help our clients to understand the data they have and apply advanced data science techniques to unlock benefits for their organisation.

We recognise that no two businesses are the same, and that our customers are often at different stages of exploring what data can do for them. So we defined a framework to help our clients navigate the process to discover, build and run their own data projects.

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The challenges we solve for our clients are broad. Depending on the complexity of the project, our work will range from a few days to several months. Longer term projects are broken down into short-term deliverable sprints.

Some clients have plentiful supplies of data while others are seeking advice before they begin collecting it. Whatever the case, The Data Analysis Bureau is unique in working closely with our customers to define their challenge and design the most appropriate solution for the business.

We give clients the ability to identify the value of their data, obtain the best return and mitigate risk, and deliver insights that drive better decisions.

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